SPAM Bouncer

You'll probably be familiar with the twin menaces of email borne viruses and unsolicited email, commonly referred to as spam. You'll understand the annoyance caused by that avalanche of junk email which somehow finds its way uninvited into your inbox, destroying the efficiency of your email system, consuming expensive bandwidth and wasting your valuable time.

The Solution

I am over the moon with Spam Bouncer. I normally get between 200/220 Spam emails in 24 hours. Since activating Spam Bouncer I have received
just 1!

Alex Hammerstein
SPAM Bouncer is the result of hundreds of hours of research and development by our in house team, a unique product utilising advanced technology to rid your inbox of irritating spam and harmful viruses. You no longer have to download and filter junk messages, saving your time and bandwidth.

SPAM Bouncer operates on our powerful mail server cluster, every email destined for your mailbox is scanned and checked by a number of different processes at the point of entry into our network.

Heuristics Engine

Thousands of tests check the message headers and content for tell tale signs of spam. The originating mail server and senders address are verified to prevent spoofing. We proactively monitor and adapt the tests used by SPAM Bouncer to any new techniques the spammers employ.

Bayesian Probability Algorithms

Bayesian algorithms are used to build up a database of the characteristics of unwanted mail and the characteristics of legitimate mail. The database can then be consulted to determine the likelihood of any particular message being spam. Furthermore, through continually analysing messages the database is actively updated as the nature of spam changes, creating a form of self evolving intelligence.

Checksum Databases

Any message has a unique checksum, as users report unsolicited mail messages, their checksums are added to a database. Several collaborative checksum databases are consulted to ascertain whether the message concerned matches one previously identified as spam by another Internet user.

We've only been using Spam Bouncer for a day and I'm impressed with it already. One of our addresses used to receive hundreds of Spam messages a day. Today, we only got two!
Alistair Scott

Real Time Blackhole Lists

Several real time blackhole lists (RBLs) are maintained on the Internet which catalog known sources of spam. SPAM Bouncer checks for the presence of the originating mail servers in any of these lists.

Virus Scanner

All our hosting accounts include virus scanning as standard, a feature which operates in unison with SPAM Bouncer. Virus definitions are checked for and updated automatically ensuring that you are protected against threats as they emerge. The virus scanner is capable of detecting all known virus types, including polymorphic or self-encrypting viruses, it is even capable of scanning the contents of compressed archives such as zip and rar files ensuring that no virus bearing email can make it to your inbox.

Each positive test assigns a weighted score to the incoming message. The final score is used to determine whether or not the message is spam.


This scoring system combined with the quantity and diversity of tests performed means that unlike most competing products, the likelihood of SPAM Bouncer incorrectly identifying a message as spam is negligible and makes it nigh on impossible for spammers and virus writers to craft their messages to bypass the filters


You have complete control over the handling of any mail identified as spam. Choose from the following options:

Bounce Return the message to the sender with an informative message detailing why their message was rejected.
Delete Delete the message without informing the sender.
Tag Add headers or text to the message subject enabling you to filter all unwanted email into a specified folder using rules in your email program.
Quarantine Send it to a mailbox you specify in which you can view and verify suspect messages or archive them should they be required in the future.


From the moment you activate SPAM Bouncer on your mailbox you can expect to see all virus bearing mail and upwards of 98% of unsolicited mail eradicated from your inbox. However you can tune the sensitivity of SPAM Bouncer as well as add addresses and domains to your block and allow lists to create a perfect solution tailored to your needs.

SPAM Bouncer costs just £30+VAT per annum and it operates on your domain (with us), not just a mailbox. If you want to add Spam Bouncer to your account, just contact us.



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