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OSCommerce is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved. BUT it is or can be complicated and it's power may make you hungry for more and we can help you.

You can have a basic OSC installation set up for you. Click here for more details.

Graith Internet have done a lot of work customising OSC and adding features for Organic Catalogue, Drum-Stop, Active Mobility and many other companies. We've won a awards for some of our developments.

osCommerce Concerns

But isn't osCommerce really old? I hear it's got security problems and isn't very good if you need high search engine ranking...

osCommerce Support Contract

If you've got an OSC site, but your expertise is more in the business area than web technologies, you could gain peace of mind with a support contract that guarantees responsive support and will let you get little fixes or changes done without any additional paperwork. We use Basecamp to ensure resilient communications.

Improving those Cross-Sales

If you've got a good OSC site, you can improve the revenue from it by getting your customers to buy other products once they're interested in one of yours. It's called Cross Selling. CRELoaded has a good Cross-selling addon but the admin page is really poor. More...

osCommerce Add To Cart

If you've got an osCommerce website where your customers can be expected to buy lots of products at one time rather than just one or two, then why not make it easier for your customers and don't force them to look at each product and then buy each product and then go back to buy some more.

osCommerce Order Notification

If you'd like mobile phone notification of orders so that you can deal with the promptly without checking your email every five minitues,
Click here...

CRELoaded Currencies

CRELoaded added semi-automatic currency updates using Oanda.com and XE.Net, but there are problems. Here's the fix and some extras:
Click here...

Google Analytics

If you run an osCommerce website, you may want to take advantage of the free tools Google gives to Webmasters to help them analyse the customer experience.

Stock Control

Ajax has enabled database updates to become a lot lot easier and we've used Ajax to create a stock control admin page for osCommerce.


If you've got an osCommerce store, you need a sitemap to help Google and other Search engines monitor your site.

Wedding List

If you sell the sort of items people might buy to give as wedding presents, you would do more business by adding a Wedding List Registry.

osCommerce Hack

There has been a recent increase of attacks on OSComerce websites. Hackers exploit a vulnerability in the admin pages that is usually used for uploading product pictures to the /images directory. Several PHP files are uploaded there and are then executed. Server information such as the database configuration and sometimes credit card orders are displayed and captured.

Multistore osCommerce

If you sell a wide range of products, your search engine ranking may be diluted if you put them all together on the same site. Putting them on a number of sites may involve too much admin work to be worthwhile. That's why Graith Internet have developed a multistore version of osCommerce.

Integrating Components and Contributions

We can help if you want help integrating modules or components for osCommerce.

There are thousands of useful (and useless) add-ons for osCommerce, but adding them to your site may be beyond the ability of most website owners. We can help and offer a cheap weekend service for this.

Shipping Modules

Although the OSC Support network provides hundreds of Shipping and Payment modules, it's sometimes impossible to find just what you're looking for. We've written numerous shipping modules to ensure our customers charge the correct postage for the goods they ship. UK postage for large packages to remote islands costs a lot more than the mainland, so a postcode based shipping module is very useful. Drum-stop use it - click here to see it in action.

If you want a shipping module for international delivery using Citylink, click here.

Payment Modules

Graith Internet have written a number of payment modules (and was the first in the world to create code for Google Checkout on osCommerce - though it isn't a payment module and is no longer offered by Google), Worldpay Business Gateway, Worldpay Cardsave, and Pay4Later modules are available here.

Google Base and SEO

Google Base used to be known as Froogle. It's the search results you get when you click the "Shopping" link at the top of the Google Search Results. Google has a special free service for people that run e-Commerce sites like osCommerce. If you supply your product details to them in a specified format on a regular basis, your products will appear in this search and your site will be ranked more highly as a result. More....

Telephone Order System for osCommerce

If you have an osCommerce website but you also have customers ringing up to place orders, this system will give you an efficient way to place the orders.

Customer Export

Export your customer data from osCommerce for Newsletter use. More...

Custom OSC Invoice for Stationery

osCommerce has an invoice page which you can print out for inclusion with your goods. You can improve the handling of orders by getting printer paper with two shipping labels on and then getting Graith Internet to modify the invoice page to include the shipping and postage marks in the right place:

If you find yourself printing lots of invoices one after the other, the process can become tedious. Why not just select the invoices you want printing and click a single button?
Batch Print Invoices - Coming soon

New Designs for osCommerce

Graith Internet have produced many custom designs for osCommerce. We can design something great or we can work from an existing design to make a new osCommerce site that's unique to you.

Database Import

Setting up OSC when you've got hundreds of products is tricky, time-consuming and error prone. We can take multiple electronic data sources and convert them. These include Access or Excel databases, text exports or Word documents. These may need to be provided on CD-ROM if they're large. Data conversion will be done locally and then uploaded to the database.

Custom Details Page

If the standard details page doesn't display the details in the format you want, we can modify it to your requirements. You might want multiple pages to display al the information and you might want a printer friendly page too.

How did you find us?

If you place adverts in other media or on other websites or make efforts to improve your search engine rankings, you might want your customers to tell you where they heard about you. This OSC modification does exactly that.

Catalogue Request

If you produce a paper catalogue, here's a special facility to allow your custmomers to order it.

featured website
Charnwood Catalogue

Charnwood Catalogue

This client had an MS2 OSC store with an unfinished design. The store was converted to CRE Loaded

Modifications to the product details page show the price dynamically change with option or price break quantity.