OSCommerce Order Notification

If you've got an OSCommerce store and you're not taking orders every minute or even every hour, checking for orders by looking at your email can take up a lot of your time if you're the only one that can process the order. This page tells you how to reduce the time wasted looking at your emails.

OSCommerce and CRELoaded and many other e-commerce packages can be configured to send an email to the administrator when an order comes in:

One email in hundreds of spam emails you might get each day is easy to get lost. That's why you may be wasting your time looking for order notifications that have come in. You need a way to make them stand out.

We're not affiliated to Pushover.net and we don't get any money from recommending this. We're just passing on useful advice:
Pushover.net runs on your mobile phone and it's free (for the basic functionality). When you sign up for an account and register your mobile phone, you get an email address like


which you can put in here to get notified whenever you get an order

Then when an order comes in you get this notification on your mobile phone with a different sound from your messages.

You can configure pushover so that you won't get these notifications out of office hours or at night if that's what you want.


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Active Mobility

Active Mobility

Active Mobility sell items which may qualify for VAT relief if the customer completes a form.

This work involved integrating a new form into the OSCommerce checkout procedure and adjusting prices appropriately.