OSCommerce Concerns

    But isn't OSCommerce really old? I hear it's got security problems and isn't very good if you need high search engine ranking...

Old Software

OSCommerce was written more than ten years ago and is being used on many tens of thousands of websites. Yes, some of the software is quite old, but if there were once problems with it, they've been ironed out over time. Their quirks are well known and you'll find fixes with a very quick google search.

The version Graith Internet recommends is a version known as CRELoaded. There are free version of this available from creloaded.com as well as "Professional" and "B2B" versions. It's got many addons integrated and many templates to tailor its look.

SEF Search Engine Friendly

The standard OSC doesn't really have much you can do to easily tune the important SEO content of your OSC website, but the CRELoaded version (and many other variants) have admin tools to help you set your TITLE Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags. There's also data feeds that will "push" your products to Google.


Because you're able to upload product images, there's a possibility that a hacker can upload php files which will give them control of the website. Yes, this is true, but there's a simple fix so if you know about it, there isn't a problem. (See here for details of the problem and the fix)


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DIY Homefit

DIY Homefit

This site is based on CRE Loaded 6.4 but you wouldn't know it. It's got many jQuery, AJAX and SEO enhancements together with a leading-edge customer management system