OSCommerce Designs

Graith Internet now do a lot of work making new looks for OSCommerce. We started with CarAudioDirect.co.uk and went on to give new designs to many of my current customers. We use a couple of excellent designers who are used to working with us and produce first class designs to make OSCommerce sites stand out from the crowd.

To make it easier, we've set up OSCDeveloper.net as a separate website to promote new looks for OSCommerce. Existing designs can be purchased much more cheaply than commissioning a new design, but getting the site right might make the difference between a professional and second-rate site.

Contact Us

Contact us if you'd like a new design for OSCommerce, if you want it to look different and better than your competitor. Tell us the sites you admin and send us any corporate letterheads, logos and colours and we'll send you a tender to produce a new site or to update your existing site.

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Active Mobility

Active Mobility

Active Mobility sell items which may qualify for VAT relief if the customer completes a form.

This work involved integrating a new form into the OSCommerce checkout procedure and adjusting prices appropriately.