Wedding List

If you sell the sort of items people might buy to give as wedding presents, you would do more business by adding a Wedding List Registry. One of the wedding couple (or someone else organising the celebration of an event like a retirement or Christening) would pick items from your site that they would like to receive. They're all collected in a list and then a unique web address can be included in an email to their friends and family.

When a guest visits the web address given to them, they see all the items in the list and can either visit the product details page or add them directly from the list into the cart. Once they have completed purchase, they're removed from the list so no one else buys the same present. If someone tries to buy the same present at roughly the same time, when the first person completes the purchase, the item is removed from the cart of the second person and a message telling them what's happened is shown to them.

Graith Internet have created this feature for a customer who was using CRE Loaded OSCommerce and now it's available as an addon for you to buy or have installed.

Click Buy Now to purchase the addon and choose if you wanted installed onto your site.



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