Telephone Order System for OSCommerce

If you have an OSCommerce website but you also have customers ringing up to place orders, this system will give you an efficient way to place the orders.

Graith Internet have created an efficient addon to OSCommerce that integrates easily and provides fast AJAX operation for your telephone operator(s). You can allow your operators to give discounts (or not) and the page is not part of the admin system so you can assign the job to another company, independant operators or your own staff. The system is protected by IP address and username/password.

Note: This system does not provide a way of processing credit card orders. It is expected that your operator will either use a credit card terminal or use SagePay or Worldpay (or other) web admin pages that do that job.


First request details of the customer - if they've been an existing customer, ask for their email address or postcode and enter it in the box.
If that turns up a match, click on it to log in as them.
If they're a new customer, click Add New Customer and enter their data.

When you've got the customer details, find products that they want to buy by typing in the product name or part of the product name or the product model in the box below.
When you see the correct product, click on the full product name to get the ability to buy it.
Select the correct options and click the buy button to add it to the cart.

If the quantity of a product is wrong in the cart or if you want to remove an item, click on the number in the cart and you'll get a form to update the quantity. You can enter 0 to delete it. If the product options are wrong, you'll need to delete it and add another one with the right options.

You can add a "discount" or "extra" by clicking on the number next to the Telephone Order Discount in the shopping cart.

When the products to be ordered are all in the cart, confirm the total cost with the client and then click the Checkout button (which won't be visible unless you're logged in as the customer).

If there's more than one shipping option available, it'll be shown and you'll need to select it before continuing.

If you need to enter an order comment, do so in the box provided. It'll turn red briefly while it's being saved.

When you click "Confirm Order", the order will be placed, so before you do this, take payment over the phone using your credit card machine or webpage. Don't click Confirm Order until the transaction has been authorised.

If the customer doesn't want to proceed with the order at any point, just click "Logout".

The order will appear in the OSC admin with an Order Status of "Telephone Order" and if there's a discount, that will appear in the totals too.


What do you mean by AJAX operation?
AJAX allows most operations to happen without page re-loads so it's very fast. There are some operations which cause a page re-load but there's only a few of these per customer phone call so it's very much faster than using your OSCommerce website to buy the products.

Does it work with OSC MS2.2?

Does it work with CRE Loaded?

Does it work with OSC 2.3.1?

Does it work with Zencart?
Probably not. Earlier Zencart was very similar to OSCommerce so it would have worked but more recent changes mean it's unlikely to work.

Does it need to be modified to work with my OSC Shipping?
If the shipping modules have been written properly, it'll work without any modification. If you've needed to modify the checkout files to make your shipping work, the same modifications will need to be made to this system (we're happy to help here).


If you're interest in this system, please contact us.


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