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Pay4Later with OSCommerce

If you sell high value products, one thing that might be stopping you selling more is the availability of credit for your customers. Pay4Later provides these facilities meaning you can get paid when you've shipped the goods.

Graith Internet have developed a payment module for OSCommerce which integrates fully with Pay4Later. Currently it's only available as an Install Only option, but it will become available as a code-only addon here in the future.


Pay4Later Operation

Click the button on the left for a video of real operation on Drum-stop

A box is displayed on the shopping cart page. If the cart total is between £150 and £300, a box which advises that credit is available if a further £xx is spent is displayed. For some customers that might be an incentive to spend just a little bit more. If the shopping cart total is between £300 and the maximum limit of your finance agreement with P4L, a box is displayed

which displays a dynamic slider to adjust the deposit amount (10% to 50%). You can configure which finance products you offer including the special "TIA" (Take It Away) for musical instruments which is subsidised by the Arts Council.

When the customer checks out, a new payment option with radio selection of the finance product they want to use is displayed. The customer chooses the deposit amount at this point. If they choose TIA, a warning dialog about the age restrictions is displayed. Checks on finance restrictions (minimum finance are carried out and you may be required to choose a lower deposit. Finally, when the custom hits Confirm, the order is recorded (pending approval) and the customer is taken to the Pay4Later site to complete their credit application.

In the admin, the orders page interrogates P4L and will tell you when the application has been ACCEPTed or DECLINEd. You can ship the order and tell P4L that you've done so and you'll be given the money for your order within a day or so.


This code requires that your server is running at least PHP version 5 and to get all the functionality it will need SOAP. You can check these on your website by going to Admin / Tools / Server Info.

At the moment, it's too complex to install on your own, so we're offering a complete service to install, configure and check your Pay4Later service on your OSCommerce website (not Zencart).

PayPal £499

The process isn't automatic. You'll be sent an email by a real person and you can converse by email if you have problems or questions. (Please allow extra time if ordering in the evening or weekend (UK time - currently 06:35am). There is no guarantee given about when the work can be done, but if you're unhappy, you'll get a refund). You're paying for a sitelicense for one site. Installation is free.


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