OSCommerce Multistore

If you sell a wide range of products, your search engine ranking may be diluted if you put them all together on the same site. Putting them on a number of sites may involve too much admin work to be worthwhile. That's why Graith Internet have developed a multistore version of OSCommerce.

Each product can be on any of the stores. Each store can have it's own unique categories or share some with another store. The design (skin or template) can (and should) be different. Prices can be the same or different on each store, but there's only one OSC Admin. Only one place to process all the orders and maintain the prices.

Each store is identified by a different web address and as the content is different, it will be seen as a separate website by Google. The store uses custom OSC code so you need to have a custom template developed for each store front.

Zings Music use this multistore and are very prod of the increase in sales it's brought:
Zings Music
Zings Education
Kiddies Music
Riva Percussion

Contact Us if you'd like to turn your OSCommerce site into a multistore or if you want to develop a multistore from scratch.

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