MRA Email for your Mobile

If you have a mobile that's capable of providing you with email access, you might want to use MRA to do that. I'll explain what it is and why it might be useful to you:

If you have a single email mailbox and you set it up so that your PC or laptop downloads your email, if you connect your phone to it, the phone might not see every email because your PC has downloaded and deleted from the server.
If your PC dies, you might loose your important emails.
MRA is Multiple Recipient Addresses: This allows you to set up one email address to link to multiple mailboxes, so for important email addresses (like the main point of contact for a business), you might set up six mailboxes and have MRA send every email to each mailbox.

If your PC dies when it's configured to take email from youraccount-mailbox1, you can configure the resurrected PC to read email from youraccount-mailbox6 and it'll download every email from the last month or so (that's how long they're stored on the mail server). If you've got "filtering" set up and BCC to your own email address, your email will be totally restored.

With your mobile phone, just configure that to use email on youraccount-mailbox2 and your iPad uses youraccount-mailbox3 and your laptop youraccount-mailbox4 and you can answer email from anywher and your other devices will all have the same email information.

Setting Up MRA

Just go to your Graith control panel and you'll see MRA as a link. If you want to convert an important mail address to use MRA, delete the mailbox first (having handled the email). Then set up six mailboxes with obvious names and the numbers 1 to 6 within their names (or whatever you like). Finally, go to the MRA page and click "Create MRA". Then click "Recipients" next to the mail address and add in each mailbox. You could also add a or other external mail account as an extra backup.

This is also useful if you have multiple staff that deal with orders or anything else, but make sure you configure your email to send a BCC email to the email account so everyone gets the customer response email you've just sent.



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