You can have a OSC installation set up for you. It's the "Loaded6.20" version of MS2 - MS2 plus all the following:

    Value Added Features:

    Admin Control By Michael Bryant

    All-Prods-v2.4 Author: v 1.0 by Mat Bennett, Updated for Milestone MS 2.2 by Farrukh Saeed

    All-Categories Author: Ingo Malchow, info@gamephisto.de

    All-Manufacturers Author: Alex Kaiser, et al

    Column Product Listing MS2 Author: David Garcia Watkins, Updated for MS2 by Michael Sasek, Additional Bugfixes by Souza

    Credit Class/Gift Voucher/Discount Coupons 5.10b Author: Ian Wilson, Updated for MS2 by Strider, Additional bugfixes by Andre, Nick Stanko

    Define Mainpage v1.2 Author: Mattice, Updated for MS2 by Lee Nielsen

    Google Adsense SSL Safe Code Author: Tom O'Neill

    OSC-Affiliate 1.09 Author: Henri Schmidhuber, Updated to BTS v1.0 by Paul Langford

    Purchase Without Account Author: Cheng et al, Updated by David Graham and Tom O'Neill

    SaleMaker 2.2MS2v1.01 Author: Marcel van Lieshout

    Specials On Main Page by Default Author: Steve Kemp

    UltraPics v1.1 Author: Lee Nielsen (MaxiDVD)

    Wish List V 2.2 Author:Jesse Labrocca, Updated by Talon177

    X-Sell MS2 Author: Joshua Dechant

    Admin Enhancements:

    Attribute_Sorter_Copier v5.1 Author: Linda McGrath

    Admin With Access Levels 2.2 Author: Zaenal Muttaqin, Updated for MS2 by Seth Lake

    Basic Template Structure 1.3 + Fixes Author: Brenden Vickery, Modified by Paul Langford

    Category Box Enhancement 1.1 Author: Nils Petersson

    DHTML Menu in Admin V. 2 Author: Matti Putkonen, Updated by Sheetal

    Download_Controller v5.3 MS2.2 Author: Linda McGrath, Updated by Farrukh Saeed

    Down for Maintenance v1.1b Author: Linda McGrath osCommerce@WebMakers.com, Updated by Robert Hellemans

    Easy Populate 2.75 Author: Tim Wasson, Updated for MS2 by Deborah Carney, Bugfixes by Deborah Carney and Ian Corner, CRE Enhancements by Tom O'Neill

    Edit Orders 1.56 MS2 Author: Jonathan Hilgeman

    Infobox Admin v1.1MS2 Author: Paul Langford

    Meta Tag Controller/ Generator Author: Brenden Vickery, Bugfixes by xxGeek

    Mysql Backup Author: The Zen Cart Team

    osC-PrintOrder with Store Logo v1.0 Author: Randy Newman

    Super Friendly Admin Screen - Version 2.1 Author: Kerry Watson, Updated by David Graham (nimitz1061)

    Template Install & Configure V1.2 Author: Paul Langford

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.3 Author: Calvin K

    WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Admin 1.7 Author: Lee Nieslen

    WYSIWYG HTML Editor Added to Coupons and Gift Vouchers Author: WI Benjamin

    Enhanced Customer Care:

    FAQ Desk 1.01 Author:Carsten aka moyashi, Updates By: Wolfen aka 241

    Information System V1.1f. Author: Joeri Stegeman, addition by: Xander Witteveen and Janusz Oles

    News Desk 1.48.3 Author:Carsten aka moyashi Updates By: Wolfen aka 241

    Payment Modules:

    Authorize.net Consolidated 1.7 Author: Austin Renfroe, Updated by David Graham and Tom O'Neill

    EFSnet Payment Module Author: John Nelson

    GeoTrust/SkipJack Payment Module Author: Paul Kim

    PayBox Payment Module Author: Emmanuel Alliel

    Paypal Shopping Cart IPN 2.8 Author: Greg Baboolal, CRE Integration by David M. Graham

    Pay Junction payment module Author: Robert Krimen rkrimen@payjunction.com

    Quick Commerce Pro payment module Author: Tom O'Neill (zip1) based on Authorize.net 1.7

    Shipping Modules:

    FedEx 1.11 MS2 Author: Steve Fatula

    UPS Choice 1.8 Author: Fritz Clapp

    USPS Methods 2.5 Author: Brad Waite, Updated for MS2 by Brad Waite/Fritz Clapp

    Zone World 2.0 Author: Elari and Friends of Zone World CRE Loaded integration : David Graham

    Order Total Modules:

    Qty discount v1.41 Author: Joshua Dechant


    MonthlySales&Tax1.55 Author: Fritz Clapp

    InfoBox Additions:

    Banner-ad-in-a-box V1.1 Author: Aubrey Kilian

    Category Tree Author: Gideon Romm

    Category Drop Down Author: David Garcia Watkins, Fixes by Brian Kiggin and Paul Boekholt

    Credit Card in a Boxes for OSC Author: koreantown@hanmail.net, Updated by elari

    Donate for Nonprofit Site Author: Anon

    Google Ad Box Author: Tom O'Neill

    Shop by Price Author: Meltus, Updated for admin control by Charles Williams


You get four template designs as standard, so you can choose the "look" of your site:




There's no diskspace limit and no bandwidth limit. You can also have as many email mailboxes as you like and it comes with HTTPS so if you've got a credit card machine you can start taking orders immediately (but if you really don't need HTTPS, you can take £100 off the price!).

Technical Support

We've got loads of experience with OSCommerce and we offer free email and phone support (national rate number).

What does it cost?

It costs only £199+VAT or £19.99+VAT per month (6 months minimum). Extra domains for the same website are £15+VAT/year (£1.50/month) extra.


featured website
Active Mobility

Active Mobility

Active Mobility sell items which may qualify for VAT relief if the customer completes a form.

This work involved integrating a new form into the OSCommerce checkout procedure and adjusting prices appropriately.