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Google Maps Google have made their maps API available to everyone and it's now possible to display custom maps for your customers or your workforce with pins added from a database. Google Maps Operation Then find the nearest pin to any UK postcode. Where as-the-crow-flies distance doesn't account for the coastline, their distance service API can allow this to be corrected.

Greyhound Rescue West of England have an internal system where they can locate volunteers near to the prospective greyhound owners. Click on the video to see it in operation (the volunteer data has been obscured for privacy and security reasons).

The pins near Blackpool seem closer to Southport than those from Warrington, but when the coastline is taken into account, the results are re-ordered.

DIYHomefit Nearest Fitter DIYHomefit have a "Find my nearest Fitter" service that allows customers to find a good joiner that can put their kitchen or bedroom together.


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