Google Analytics for OSCommerce

If you run an OSCommerce website, you may want to take advantage of the free tools Google gives to Webmasters to help them analyse the customer experience. Of course the hook for Google is that it may persuade you to use their Adwords service because it helps measure return on investment (ROI) on that.

Graith Internet looked around after being asked for this by a customer and found that the addon for Google Analytics didn't send back the information on purchases that Google also want. We have created code that does it and that's easy to integrate with OSCommerce (or we can do it for you). All you'll need to do is configure the Google Tracking ID in your OSC Admin panel.

Click Buy Now to purchase the addon to install onto your site. It's fairly simple to install and configure and was written with instructions for OSC MS2.2 RC2 but has also been integrated with CRELoaded.

The process isn't automatic. You'll be sent an email by a real person and you can converse by email if you have problems or questions. (Please allow extra time if ordering in the evening or weekend (UK time - currently 13:54pm. There is no guarantee given about when the work can be done, but if you're unhappy, you'll get a refund.)


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This was a bespoke e-commerce site having problems customising. We converted it to OSCommerce maintaining the same look and feel and functionality but providing more features and possibilities for the future.