Personalised Email Distribution

If you use your website to collect email addresses, you may at some point want to use it to send your customers a newsletter email advertising some new product or service or maybe telling them about a promotion.

You can send a single email which you compose in Outlook (or whatever) and send to your list using the BCC feature. You'll get a lot better response rate if you personalise the email though. You also ought to allow your customers to unsubscribe from getting any further emails too.

Doing this manually is an impossible and error prone task if you've got more than 20 customers in your list. Why not ask us to help you?

Graith Internet have experience doing this sort of thing and we make it easy for you too. the Web.

We've done work like this for

  • Drewry Shipping
What you need to do is create a web page with tables, fonts, images and colours delivering your message. Try to personalise the message as much as you can. At the bottom, assure the recipient that they agreed to receive messages like this but that you're happy to remove them from your list (we'll include an unsubscribe link for this).

When you've prepared all this, we can put the template email page on a webserver and use your database to send personalised emails to your entire list.

We've sent 10,000 emails like this each with different tailored content (much like BBC News emails).

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