Dynamic Graphics

PHP can create Web pages which have content which change every time you load them. They can also create graphics which change every time you load them. A better use of this facility would be to generate graphs based on the content of a database. You could then easily change the database and have all the graphs change without going through a long process of manually creating each one.

We created this system for Drewry Shipping.

We've created an admin system for PeeledEye which allows them to upload original images and automatically create 3 images of the correct dimensions for use on the website.

Here's an original image and here's a thumbnail of that image created dynamically with PHP.

We've also created PHP scripts that generate vertical text (text written on its side) for tables and scripts which generate password GIFs - numbers or codes you have to enter to make sure you're a human not a computer before you use a particular web service.

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