Brightpearl with OSCommerce

Brightpearl™ is a commerce management platform for retailers. Brightpearl helps you to sell more and sell better, wherever you are. A single point from which to manage all aspects of the business - in the shop, online, in the office or even in the warehouse. Now you can use Brightpearl to process your OsCommerce orders, track your inventory and communicate with your customers!

Why add Brightpearl to OSCommerce?

The Oscommerce/Brightpearl integration has been extremely helpful and time saving to our business. Graith Internet have also been extremely helpful and patient with all out questions, as some of the first to use this integration. We would recommend to anyone with an Oscommerce shop who wants to accurately track inventory and sales.
Jenna McNamara

eBay You've had your OsCommerce site a while and you're happy with it, but you really want to sell more. You'd like to sell on eBay too, but you only run with minimum inventory levels so there's a risk you might sell out on one channel and not be able to stop customers ordering from the other channel in time, resulting in unhappy customers.

Brightpearl for eBay provides inventory control for you and synchronises with your OSC site so that if you sell out on eBay, your customers can see that you've got zero stock on OSCommerce. Brightpearl then offers you professional tools to help you manage re-ordering of inventory better so you can maintain your low overheads and not run out at all!

Maybe you've got a bricks-and-mortar shop too. Brightpearl provides Point-of-Sale services using any device PC, Mac, iPad so you can check your stock levels while you walk around the shop and talk to customers.

It's always been a bit awkward to properly manage your accounts and you probably dread doing it. Brightpearl gets told about every order and every payment and maintains double-entry book-keeping so you'll be able to do your accounts online.

Amazon - Coming soon

If you are an Amazon seller who is new to Brightpearl, it's the most comprehensive back end business management software currently available. Here are some of the benefits you can realise:

  • Save time in keeping multiple systems up to date (and the risk of mistakes in double entry of data) and enjoy synchronized prices and inventory across all your sales channels including eBay, plus see all transactions feed straight into your accounts.
  • Make more money by accessing new sales channels and using your free time (saved above) on revenue generating activities. Plus with Brightpearl CRM and Email tool you can continue to market to customers to get further sales and revenue.
  • Brightpearl helps you manage your orders more quickly and as well as making fewer mistakes, resulting in happier customers and ensuring positive feedback!

Tell Me More

  • Tables and Config auto-installed
  • Configure communications with Brightpearl
  • Connect Order status, shipping and tax with Brightpearl Equivalents
  • Countries
  • Currencies
  • Shipping methods needed
  • Manufacturers
  • Product Options
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Addresses
  • Orders
All your OSCommerce information is exported to Brightpearl. Recent customers and orders are also exported so that your accounts start at a specified date. Stock levels are exported and you can then set the stock levels on items with options.
Normal Operation
New orders, customers and address changes You'll see new orders very quickly on Brightpearl and any products in the orders will have stock reserved for their order.
Order updates on Brightpearl will happen automatically including tracking numbers Order updates on Brightpearl
Product changes made on Brightpearl will happen automatically on OSC. Product updates on Brightpearl
  • Product description
  • Stock levels (from external orders or new stock)
  • Price changes

You can use this addon to tell Brightpearl about every Brand/Mfg, Category, Customer, Order, Product and Option you've got and set the stock count up if you want to. Once you're set up, every customer interaction is communicated to Brightpearl, so new customers details will be available to you in Brightpearl. Stock is checked on Brightpearl to see if you've still got stock to sell. This is essential if you've got multiple sites or an eBay store all selling from the same stock inventory.

If you sell clothes (or anything with options), the stock level can be controlled properly so if you run out of red size 6, customers on your OSC site will know they can't buy that variation. (Brightpearl calls these variants).

Anything bought on your OSC site will be sent to Brightpearl once the order status says it's paid for so you'll be able to use their accounting software to do your accounts. Handle the despatch of orders using Brightpearl and the order status will be updated on your OSC site.

If you have a bricks-and-mortar shop too, which sells a whole load of other products that maybe aren't cost effective to sell online, you can add them to you Brightpearl account and then take advantage of the Point-Of-Sale software to integrate your sales with your stock management and accounts. Having products that aren't on OSC on your Brightpearl account won't affect the operation of your website.


When you place an order in OSCommerce, it's quickly sent to Brightpearl for fulfilment and changes are quickly brought back for your customers to see.

You can see here, this video captured in real time, how a product description can be altered on Brightpearl and it'll be changed almost instantly on OSCommerce. It's much faster (for small changes) than finding the right OSC admin page and then making the change like that. You can also see how inventory changes reflect quickly back to your store so your customers can buy what you've got stock of.

Which versions of OSCommerce?

We've tested it with quite a few versions of OSCommerce and we want it to be able to run with all but the very oldest versions of OSCommerce

  • CRE Loaded 6.3 and above
  • OSC 2.3.1,2.3.2
  • OSC MS2.2 RC2
  • ReadyCart 3.4

The site needs to be set up for VAT already (it won't do it for you). It also expects to use SKU codes and you need to have unique SKU codes for every unique product.

We've got a generic solution to discounts, so they should be carried into your Brightpearl account too.

What does the server need?

  • PHP 5 - Admin / Tools / Server Info tells you the PHP version
  • CURL - Check Admin / Tools / Server Info to see if you can see it
  • CURL Communication with Brightpearl servers on the Cloud
  • MCrypt - Check Admin / Tools / Server Info to see if you can see it
  • Register Gobals - does not need to be on.
  • You don't need SSL

Click on this link to download PHP software that checks your server and communications requirements if you're at all unsure. Just upload it to your server and run it.

Isn't it difficult to Install?

This is one of the easiest modifications you could make to your OSC site. A lot of effort has been made to ensure it runs with multiple versions of OSCommerce and automatic detection of the facilities available. It helps you configure itself and diagnoses problems if you're not up and running yet. If you don't use variants, there's only one change you'll need to make to the customer pages and even that is very easy. Each purchase comes with an hour of free support if it's needed.

If you use variants, you may want to make a few modifications to show when Size XL has sold out but XXL is still available. We'll help with that if you have problems.


The process is automatic. You'll be sent an automated email, but you can reply to a real person and you can converse by email if you have problems or questions.
However: If you'd prefer an invoice and to pay by BACS, please use the contact form giving Brightpearl as your subject and including your invoice details. A real person will then process your order but you may need to wait for normal office hours.

Note: You are not buying Brightpearl here so you need to get that separately from

Note: Amazon support is not yet included within Brightpearl, but it soon will be. Click here for notification when it's released.

Note: Brighpearl variant control is limited to 4 options, so if you sell custom items with more than four options (eg. Colour, Size, Waist size, Leg Length, Style) you won't be able to monitor the stock levels.


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