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Graith Internet is an Internet Consultancy specialising in providing Interactivity solutions to websites, especially putting databases onto the Internet or Intranet. Our main customers are web designers who just don't have the programming expertise.

Graith Internet was started in 1997 by an experienced programmer who'd been in the industry with major name companies for more than 14 years. Working as a consultant both in Software, Databases and the Internet world gave him the experience you need to be sure we'll develop cutting edge products.

Graith Internet puts customers first. We offer standard packages for those people that want to compare our prices with our competitors, but please ask if you want something slightly different. We also offer a bespoke scripting and database service, so there's no need to struggle with an expert to hand.

We know how difficult it is to talk to some technical experts, so we try hard to make ourselves understood.

If you want a technical solution to a business problem, come to us.

Nominet accredited channel partner

Nominet accredited channel partner

We are pleased to confirm that we have become a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner. This means that we have to meet very strict criteria as a business, which should further reassure our customers that their domain registration, management and associated services are in safe hands with us.

VAT Registration: 742 2375 45

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